Sex: Female Transcript




                        [Sound of Mister Softee truck]


LA: the first time was in my parent’s house, on the sofa...I kid you, it must have been August 18th,


                        >Cut to Felicia and LA 


in the middle of the day in the summer time, you could hear the Mr. Softee truck outside and the kids outside, you could hear everything, you know..summer time in the Bronx, you get all the sounds, the water pump outside. It’s like amazing, like people outside skateboarding and riding bikes and I’m having sex..




                        Tell me tell me what did you do to me

                        I just got a thrill that was new to me...                       


                        >Fade-up on grainy, b&w footage of turn of the century couple kissing




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Theresa: There’s generally some type of sexual contact whenever we are together...


Bonita: I’d say at least six times a month...


Cynthia: 5 times a week.


Kathy: ... pretty much every day...


Diane: ... a couple times a week.


Natalie:... probably once or twice a week.


Trish: ... we do it a lot. Yeah, a lot. (Nodding.)


Melinda JR.: We always knew that my mom was masturbating– no, having sex– because we were watching TV and the vibrator would go on and the lines would come across the TV and I’d say, oh my– we’d all sort of look at each other, like oh my God.


Melinda SR.: Which was almost every afternoon at that point in our life.


                        [Music cont’d:]


               it again

                        I may say no, no, no, no, no but do it again...


                        >Grainy b&w footage of second turn of the century couple kissing


[Title Card:]


 a film by


Louis Alvarez &

Andrew Kolker


Miss Nickki: I’ve learned to go months & months & months & months with out sex of course. And when I want some, hey, get the man out of the drawer! He’s not going to complain, he’s not going to talk back, he’s not going to give me no problems. He’s going to do his job, he’s going to wash off & get back in the drawer! So...




                        [Music cont’d:] 


                        ...but do it again

                        My lips just ache to have you take the kiss away


                        >Fade-up to b&w white footage of two women kissing


                        [Title Card:]


co-produced & edited by


Peter Odabashian


Sally: My perception of what I perceive women to think of as their ideal man, is uh, attractive, has money, has a good job, takes care of em’ and allows them to go do what they want to do, to be their own woman, that would be an ideal man for me is, is, is a man who lets me be a woman, and not be a slave or a servant to him. And also have a big penis.




                        [Music cont’d:]


                        Please do it again

                        Oh, do it again

                        Please do it again...


>Archival b&w footage of woman puckering up her lips, as if she wants to kiss the camera


                        [Title Card:]


SEX: Female

women talking about sexuality


                        [Fade to black.]


                        [Title Card:]


Love is the answer,

but while you are waiting,

 sex raises some pretty

 good questions.

                                             Woody Allen

                        [Fade to black.]


                        [Music slowly fades-out]


>Fade-up to Slow Zoom-in towards garage of a 50's suburban house


Cynthia: At the ages of 5 and 6, I was the little kid on the block who organized the sex games. And one day my mother comes out the back and lifts up the garage door and finds us in there...


> Cut to Cynthia Close


Cynthia: and goes berserk! She rips my arm, screams like a banshee, furious and angry and starts hitting me and dragging me down the driveway! I will never forget this. Ah. “You dirty little girl, you dirty little thing”...


                        >Cut to old photograph of Cynthia in bathing suit holding beach ball.


...going crazy! And there was this whole brouhaha in the neighborhood and all the other little kids were told by their mothers to stay away from Cynthia. And my mother warned me that I was never to do those dirty things again.


> Cut to Cynthia


Cynthia: And I remember thinking to myself, “Oh my god,” you know, “If this is something that’s going to get my mom this nuts, it’s got to be big!” You know, this is something, big. This is powerful stuff here. Certainly not in those terms, you know, but in retrospect, that was kind of the feeling, the essence of the feeling, that with this, I can have power over my mother.


Trish: I remember being in, like, third or fourth grade and this one girl says to me “Do you know where babies come from?” and I said “Yeah, I know where babies come from. You know, the daddy sticks his penis in mommy’s vagina and the baby comes out nine months later.” She said, “Do you know what sex is?” And I was, like, “Yeah, that’s sex.” She said, “No, there’s more to it, but I’ll tell you later.” And then she never told me so I’m walking around going, well, what else is there, what, what did I miss? (laughs)


Jenny: I was raised in a very Irish Catholic, you know, very uptight household and no one ever discussed anything with us. I had no idea, you know, I had to learn from school, I think some Disney movie what my period was. I, I had no idea, and oh “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret.” I remember my mother actually lying to the doctor and telling the doctor that she had talked to me about my period and me thinking, “Why would we be talking about grammar?


Sally: My parents said, “The man plants a seed in the woman.” And I was, you know, I was very young at the time and I just thought, “Gee, that’s very interesting.” And so, that’s all they said. So I’m thinking, “Well how does the man plant a seed in the woman?” And I had this visual thing of my mother giving uh-they were sitting just you know, uh lookin’ at each other. And my mother would give my father some sort of uh, pill that made him shrink really small. And she’d pick him up off that chair and she’d open her mouth and he’d-he had a shovel and stuff. And he-d he’d go in her mouth, I saw him go down her esophagus.


                        [Music slowly fades-In]


[Sally slowly fades-out to black]


And there in his stomach was a planter or something and he had to go up and step up to this, this planter. And he took his shovel and he started digging and he’d take-took a seed...




                        We’re all alone, no chaperone can get our number

                        The world’s in slumber, let’s misbehave


>Fade-up to b&w footage of women pillow fighting


                        [Music cont’d:]


                        They say the spring means just one thing to little love birds

                        We're not above birds, let's misbehave


Joy: When I played with my dolls and I played with my toys,


> Cut to Shani and Joy


it wasn’t about like the happy fairytale stuff it was about, like you know, my stuffed animals were having sex, you know. You know, my stuffed animals were having sex, Barbie was having a good time with know, in her dream house and all of that.


Shani: In the hot tub...


Joy: Stuff was good. Barbie was livin’ life


Karen: This bad girl in school, we used to go to her place and she, and I’d be like, let’s play Barbies you know, so we played Barbies and like, like before we knew it, like, we had all their clothes off and they’d be like “Oh my god!” But I mean we weren’t doing like orgasm, we were doing like, it wasn’t like they were like like, Ooh, but it was just like (kissing sound) it was kissing, like sex was kissing.


Shani: My Barbie dolls were constantly, you know, living what I planned on living in the future so my Barbie dolls were like humping on each other and all that kind of stuff. The girls and the boys! (Both girls laugh.)


Karen: Ken doesn’t have any, any, any genitalia you know and well, she doesn’t have, you know, she just had boobs and so you know, that’s what I thought sex was, it was just banging (banging her hands together).


Caroline: (Laughing) Two plastic pieces just slamming together!


                        [Music fades up]


                        >Cut to b&w stock footage of women pillow fighting


                        [Music cont’d]


                        Let’s Misbehave!


                        [Music ends; Cut to Black]    [Title card:}


“Nature abhors

a virgin.”


Claire Booth Luce

Vanessa: There was this guy I liked, we flirted, we would dance together, we’d never really dated. And he liked me, I thought he was cute. I liked him. And I remember we went back in the bushes, you know we were kissing, and I was very intrigued, and I wanted to do that. Then all of a sudden, I feel this thing. It was... To me it was frightening because it was hard and it was intrusive. It came from nowhere. I was not expecting it, I was 16 years old I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t... I, I didn’t visualize sex in my mind. I was visualizing kissing and you know flirting with this guy. All of a sudden, I’ve panicked. I got very scared. I got very frightened and I ran.


Casey: The first time I saw a penis was with a guy that, it was, like, the first time I ever let a guy like, explore my body and like, I don’t know why, I just kind of like undid his pants and I saw it and I went “Eeww!” And then I went let’s go watch TV and he was like “Okay!” And he like never talked about it again, it was so gross. Ugh!


Bonita: I was sixteen and he was eighteen. And actually it was weird, I don’t know how this happened like this but it fell out of a basketball short. (Laughing off camera.) That’s the truth.


Cynthia: He undressed me and we rustled around on the bed, and at some point the penis came out and at another point, it was inside me! And I thought WHAHOOOO! GEEZ, this is really amazing, you know, my God.


[Music fades-in]


                        At last, my love has come along...


>Cut to b&w footage of a woman undressing, and then a man touching her smiling face


Joy: Sade was on the stereo! (Laughs.) And the lights were dim!


Shani: That’s so beautiful. (Laughs)


Joy: Ah, shut up! And we were just, we were watching our shadows up against the wall. It was just so great and when it was, when it was over, I was like, “I am going to remember this for the rest of my life. This is brilliant! This is how sex is supposed to be, it is supposed to be a positive experience. You’re supposed to walk away and say “I don’t regret having sex with you.” Like “It’s okay.” And that’s how I felt. And I was like, “Wow, this was good.”


Sunita: She was tutoring me at home, we were having as I called it logarithmic sex (laughs) because I was very bad at trigonometry, but she was helping me out. And it actually started with a lot of conversations about god and spirituality. And I think all that was very seductive. And all of a sudden one day she kissed me, on my mouth. And I said “Whoa. What’s going on here?” But I never labeled it as lesbianism, I labeled it as eroticism.


Sara: It was the opposite of romantic, any kind of setting. And, uh, later I found out that someone came in the room we were in. I’m so glad I didn’t know anytime soon, um, but, that was it. It was just over in a flash and I just had that thought, ‘Now I’m a woman.’ (Laughs) That’s it. (Laughs.)


Joy: When I went home after I lost my virginity, my mother saw me at the airport and I said, “Hi mom, how’re you doing, whatever, whatever.” And she looked me and she said, “Didn’t I tell you not to do anything while you were down there?! Go get your stuff and we’re leaving!” And I said, “Mom, what are you talking about? I didn’t do anything. We had a really great time and you know, but you told me not to do anything” “Shut up.” And we got into the car and she said, “Now I can’t even take you to see your grandmother, I can’t take you to see your aunts because they’re all going to know.” And I said, “But I didn’t, I didn’t do it!” “Shut up.”And that was, that was it.


                        [Music cont’d:]


                        ...For you are mine at last


> Archival b&w footage of train entering a tunnel; Screen goes black as train enters.


                        [Music Ends]


Jeannie: Some people can touch you and they’re not really there, and some people can touch you and there’s really almost a, a melding together, I mean almost like a 19th century novel statement. I mean there really is a joining, when somebody touches you and they really do feel that the fondling of you is as pleasurable for them as it might be for you, you feel that. That’s a connection, and that’s uh, it is actually not just a symbol of, you know, of joining, that really is, there is an aura there that seems to get mixed up, and you feel extremely comfortable, all of a sudden, you just, that person, when that person dances with you, or hugs you, or kisses you, or even sits next to you, or cuddles you in bed, there’s a physical comfort that is inexplicable.




[Title card:]




Linda: At the age of sixteen, I thought that I met my, my perfect prince. We began dating, and...


                        > Cut to Linda came to, now or never here we were gonna have sex. So we decided, we didn’t know where we were gonna go at my age so we went to his grandmother’s house and that was the first encounter I have ever had with sex and it was the most devastating encounter in my life. Umm, that night we had, he had a condom on, and the condom broke and I got pregnant. And, so at the age of, right when I turned seventeen, I had a child. And he’s a beautiful little boy, he’s thirteen now, and.... But it definitely changed my life forever.




[Title Card:]


 Linda lives with

her second husband

and their baby daughter

in Lousiana


>Linda and her husband, Darren, on their porch at night


                        Linda: Shoo that thing away!


Darren: He ain’t goin’ out there without the light.


                        >Darren holding the bug. Camera pans from the lights to the garden.


                        Darren: Shoo.  


                        >Darren lets the bug go and goes back to the lights.


Linda: Oh well.


                        >Linda sits on the swing and smokes her cigarette.


I try to avoid sex at all costs. Umm you know, my husband reminds me on a daily basis, you know it’s been two weeks Linda, and so he, he lays on the guilt trip, and once I get the guilt trip long enough...


                        > Cut to Linda


...that’s when I’m like ok, you know, that’s fine, we’ll, we’ll go do it, and once it’s done it’s like, I don’t have that mushy gushy feeling, after it’s all over, I don’t have that “Oh, my husband loves me so much and that was so incredibly wonderful,” I’m like Ok, I’m, I’m good for like another week and a half, two weeks.”


>Cut to Linda and family in the kitchen


Linda: Alright, take your daughter, go get a coke. (while cleaning).


Darren: Aw.


Linda: You goin’, you goin’ ride with Daddy? You wanna go ride with Daddy? Go b-bye?


Linda: Real quick?


Abby: Aw-aw.


Linda; Aw-aw?? You don’t know?


Darren: C’mon.


Linda; Go ride with Daddy. And then we can eat dinner when daddy comes home.


Darren: Alright. (Kisses Linda) Heh-heh. Love you.


Linda: Love you. Bye-bye. Bye-bye, Princess (kisses daughter). I love you. Be good.


>Cut to Linda cooking


To me if I can put myself in that frame of mind of, you know, “I’m not the mom and I’m not the house wife..


                        >Cut to Linda doing the laundry


...and I don’t have to worry about the laundry, and are the dishes done. If I can lay there and get myself in it, I do enjoy sex.


                        >Cut to Linda


However, I don’t think it’s as glorious as people make it out to be and I don’t think it’s as glorious as what you see on television.


>Cut to Linda and Darren in the dining room


                        Linda: Here’s your food.


Darren: Thank you much.


Linda: It’s hot, careful. Like the McDonald’s commercial, “Caution hot.”


Darren: Thank you kindly.


>Cut to Linda and Darren at the dinner table


Darren: That ain’t a bad price. A 99', 25 foot Mallard. It’s a bunk house, one owner, duck dates, it’s super clean, 10, 9, it’s a 9 ammo...


                        [Sound lowered]


Linda: I can’t be myself in the bed.


                        > Cut to Linda


We either have to watch a porn flick and I have to like envision myself in with the, the screen of the porn flick and what somebody else is doing with me, or umm, maybe fantasize about somebody else and not really with who I’m with. So it’s very difficult, when he’s probably sitting there thinking of me I can’t sit there and think of him.


>Cut to Linda and Darren at dinner table


                        >Darren scoots chair closer to Linda


Linda: You’re pushing it. (Whispers to Darren)


Darren: Why am I... !


Linda: I found out my husband was cheating on me.


                        >Cut to front shot of Linda and Darren at dinner table


                        And he told me it was because I didn’t give it to him enough.


He just gave it to someone else.


                        > Cut to Linda


In, in our own bed, didn’t have enough respect for me to go to a hotel room, do it in a car, do it outside in the yard, I don’t care, but what was supposed to be ours, committed to each other, he simply just, you know, any whore walking down the street, that was ok, as long as she was willing to give it up, just put her in our bed, and it was ok for me to come back home and sleep in the same bed, after he did that. Nuh, not washing the sheets, nothing. Just, that’s ok, this is my wife, it doesn’t matter.


>Linda and Darren in living room; Linda handles the baby and Darren watches Smokey and the Bandit


>View of entertainment system


                        > Cut to Darren following along with dialogue of movie


> Cut to TV screen Sheriff Justice hassles some young punks; Darren follows along


                        > Cut to Darren


                        > Cut to TV


> Cut to of Darren singing along with the theme song


                        > Cut to Darren watching TV facing away from camera


I live with that whole vision of “Is he out cheating on me?”


                        > Cut to Linda 


And when he wants me to give him a blow job, or anything like that... I can only envision another woman’s lips around his dick, and that’s... that, that just ruins the whole moment.


>Linda and Darren getting in bed; faint sound off screen


                        Linda: They got some cute– now did you hear that?


                        Darren: (laughing) What was that?


                        [Sound lowered]


Linda: Every relationship I’ve been in, it has always been, make sure that they’re satisfied...


> Cut to Linda


...and if I can just do what they want then maybe they’ll love me more. And, so it’s never been anything about me, ever, and I don’t ever foresee myself getting that, and so sex did have a huge impact on my life, and it was a huge negative impact.


>Linda and Darren in bed; Darren gets up and pulls the cord above the bed




                        Linda: Oh dear. Ouch.


                        Darren: Love you.


                        Linda: Love you.


                        [Fade to black.]


                        [Music starts]


                        I’ve been cheated, been mistreated

                        When will I be loved?


                        [Title Card:]


Adultery is the principle of

democracy applied to love.


                        H.L. Mencken

                        [Fade to black.]


>Spinning picture of a newspaper that reads: BANG! BANG! Jealous wife kills two


                        [Music cont’d]


                        I’ve been put down

                        I’ve been pushed ‘round

                        When will I be loved?


Cynthia: The guy I lived with met a young woman and he became totally enamored of her. Totally enamored, like in love. And uh, that was tough. Waahahaa. I wanted to kill her. I wanted to kill her, I had kill fantasies.


Staci: My minister tried to convince me that I should be forgiving and blah, blah blah but if he cheats on me, he’s gone. There’s no praying on it. God didn’t give him to me to go elsewhere, so he’ll be gone and you’ll have to console him because he’ll be without a house and he’ll be on his own, miserable and I won’t think twice.


Trish: You know, it’s betrayal, it’s the obvious words, and cheated and lied to and...


Karen: Loneliness, emptiness.


Theresa: It’s, it’s a horrible...


Karen: It is, it’s a horrible thought.


Theresa: It’s a horrible feeling.


Karen: It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s inside of you, and you go, oh my god, how could, how could this person do that?


                        [Music fades in louder]


>Black and white movie footage of woman firing her gun.


[Music fades out]


Ms. Nickki: My boyfriend was cheating on me with this lady. So I started thinking, “How can I get rid of this girl?


> Cut to Ms. Nickki


How can I get rid of her?” So, one night, I went and I sat in the little side ditch beside the house and I waited until everybody went to bed. I was going to burn their house down with all of them in it. I mean, this was in my mind, what I have to do this to get rid of her.


[Music fades in]


                        > Cut to b&w footage of a house exploding.


[Music fades out]


Karen: To know that he could have kissed somebody else, said something that he says to you to someone else


                        Theresa: And is doing it, yeah...


Karen: And it’s not just the man. It’s those other women that, who are they? How can you go out of your home, when you have children in your home, and you’re doing this? That, you know? That, I, I wanna kill the woman. I want the woman to be dead. You know, I’m, no, I’m serious. In my mind, if she was just...

                        [Audio Crossfade] 


Sandy: My first relationship was with a married man.


>Cut to Sandy


I was so completely head over heels in love that I just didn’t care. And that’s bad now that I look back on it. He felt the same way, so I didn’t feel like I was doing anything wrong. I wasn’t attached so I wasn’t the one committing the mortal sin. That’s how I looked at it. But, I’m a good girl now.


>cut to b&w footage of a man with his arms around two women


                        [Music cont’d]


                        ...When will I be loved?                      


                        [Fade to black. Music ends.]


                        [Title card:]


“Some men are all right

 in their place, if they only

knew the right places.”

Mae West




Jennifer: Sometimes guys try so hard,


                        > Cut to Jennifer       


Jennifer: And then they just blow the whole situation and by then you’re just like, okay, you know what, just don’t touch me anymore. Let’s just get this over with.


Trish: I used to not be able to handle somebody’s tongue in my ear, I could not stand it. Because it’s just like, (makes slurping sounds), and it just wasn’t sexy, you know?


Misty: ‘I don’t want my nipples pinched and rolled and touched,’ and they go like, ‘Girl, you’re missing out on that,’ and I was like, ‘Really? You like somebody to pinch them?’ But my nipples are real tiny, and their’s are, like, bigger so I guess they don’t mind that sensation. But I find that...and then I don’t want my butt slapped. I don’t want nobody slapping my behind like, ‘Who’s this butt for?’ I don’t want my butt slapped.


Joy: I don’t like where they come for you and it ends up being like this: (makes open mouth gesture at Shani).


Shani: Aaaaaaaoooh! (Laughing)


Joy: And you’re like, ‘What are you doing?’ What am I supposed to do with an open, gaping mouth? You know you can’t-you can’t stick your tongue in there, you can’t play around, ‘cause they’re like (makes face to camera). Like dogs!


[music fades up]


Melinda Sr.: someone was down on me once and all of a sudden nothing was happening, and he fell asleep. (Laughs)


Melinda Jr.: No?


Melinda Sr.: So that was odd.


Melinda Jr.: He fell asleep?


Melinda Sr.: He fell asleep.




                        A fine romance, with no kisses

                        A fine romance...


>fade up to grainy b&w footage of man and woman flirting on hammock


Lisa: I was dating somebody over the summer, very briefly, because I couldn’t kiss him again


> Cut to Lisa


The thought...he was great, he was funny, he was intelligent, he wasn’t bad looking, he was very thoughtful, and I remember the second time he kissed me, I thought, I can’t do that again. I really can’t kiss this guy again. And as I walked up the stairs, I felt...found myself going like that (wipes lips) across my lips and I thought, “That’s really not a good sign.”


Jane: Arthur was really great at, you know, oral sex and then I don’t know if he got too gun-ho, I complimented him too many times or I don’t know what happened but he would like dive down there like on a mission and I’d be “Ugh, what the heck are you doin!” and he’s like, “what, what” and I’d be like, “Never mind, don’t, come back.” And he’s like “uh” So I gave him a big hiatus, you’re cut off, that’s not happening and then finally one day we were talking and I was like “I don’t know. You went down there like you were Rambo or somethin”, I’m like what is going on.


Jenny: You came out my back...


Sunita: This man wouldn’t go down on me. And it really hurt me and upset me and I thought that maybe it was because I was not hygienic enough. I’d gone to the gynecologist to have myself checked, she said I smelled fine, you know. And I was wondering why he wouldn’t go down on me and it was, it was very upsetting cos I enjoyed him in that way, and he enjoyed it too, by the way. Um, but he really was, he would sniffle, and be so tentative it was, it was awful. It made me feel so diminished as a woman. Now when I broke up with him and then I met another man, who worshiped, worshiped my vulva, as if it was the most beautiful thing he had ever experienced. He gave, gave me back my confidence in my womanhood. And he said it’s just, he in fact said it was the most beautiful vagina he had seen in the world.


[music fades back up]


                        This is a fine romance


                        > Cut to archival black and white footage of couple kissing on the hammock. Then the hammock breaks


[Title Card:]





Simone: Oral sex is amazing! Like, my first real girlfriend


                        > Cut to Simone


we were in her room one night & she’s like, “Let me just lick it once.” And I’m like, “Yeah right, just once.” That’s what everyone says, “Just once.” But its like Pringles. Once you pop, the fun don’t stop. That’s just how it goes. And she went there & I was just like “Whoa Nelly!” because its not like anything else - the tongue can do things that nothing else in your body can do.


[Music fades up.]


[Title Card:]


Simone is 18 and

goes to school

in Albany, New York

I was gay when I was in like 2nd grade. I’d go around pulling girls’ hair & biting them - I’d get in trouble all the time for pinching girls, which is - I just wanted their attention. I wanted them to look at me. I’m like always the outsider kid, I’m like, “Here, Maureen look at me, I’m cute, you’re cute, hello?” So I’ve always just been a big homo, yeah, pretty much.


>Cut to pictures of Simone as a child


>Cut to Simone


Simone: I don’t know how to put it in a context so it doesn’t sound like Lolita or anything scary like that, but um, I had a really high sex drive and still do. My little friends and I, we’d kiss and we’d have like plastic bags over our tongues. And like we’d french kiss and we’d be like, “Oh! (Gasping in amazement)” We would always play “boyfriend/girlfriend” and I was always “Ramone” (said w/ a dramatic tongue roll).


                        >Fade-In: photographs of Simone as a child dressed as a matador


>Cut to Simone


Simone: I was always dangerous and sexy and like some guy from Madrid. And we’d sit there and go, “Oh, oh, Ramone!” And I’d like, “Ah!” I’d be all happy and all giggly. I was always the guy or like, the father.


>Picture of Simone as a child, dressed as a clown


I was a very odd child.




>Fade in to a shot of a crowd carrying banner. Old black woman in a blue shirt is dancing with little rainbow flag Banner in the foreground.


>Shot of young black woman dancing to drum beats. Camera pans over to drum circle marching.


>Cut to Simone’s profile, walking left in front of L&T’s. Drums and shouts in background.


                        Simone: It’s my very first Gay Pride Weekend here in New York City.


>Cut to Simone, standing on street. Interview.


Simone: I’m just looking to meet hot chicks. Um, I’m not, um, I’m an activist but I’m not really big on (mockingly) “Oh down with penis! Oh, no more phallocentricism!” you know, cause that’s not going to happen. I’m just looking for cute girls to hit on me. I have a notebook ready for my name and my number.


>Cut to Simone, Taria, and others standing around talking


                        Simone: (Greeting and hugging a friend) You look so adorable.


Shavon: Don’t I always! C’mon.


Simone: Well especially today. Hi honey.


Shavon: Hey


Simone: So who’s this?


Shavon: This is my best friend Jazmine.


Simone: Hi! I’m a hugger. Are you huggy?


Jazmine: Yeah I hug.


Simone (voice over): Women are spectacular. Legs are nice,


                        >Cut to Simone


Simone: arms are okay. Breasts? I was in junior high and I seriously would just scan the hallways like this (shows a lowered eye level) at chest level, like, “Oooh, hello.” It’s probably the first thing I notice. I just want to be every girl’s best friend.


>Cut to Simone, Shavon and Quay standing in front of a store


                        Simone: Those girls are cute.


Quay: Here she come, I see her bopping.


>We see a couple of lesbians walking down the street. Simone stares them down.


>Simone and Snowflake entering the store.


[music fades up]


>A glass shelf lined with orange, purple, black and white dildos. Camera pans across shelf to reveal more and more dildos. At times camera loses focus.


                        Simone: Ooh, look at those!


                        Sales Lady: Aren’t they pretty?


                        Simone: Yes!


>Cut to Simone and the sales Lady


Lady: So it goes around and around, right? And hold on, let me turn him up so he gets faster and faster.


Simone: How cool is that? Isn’t that adorable


>Camera cuts back to shot of Simone and woman looking at strap-ons


Simone: Snow! Look how cute these are. I’d be like Xena Warrior Fucker, it’d be like... I mean, really cool.


>Camera zooms in on Simone


It comes in pink and red and all my underwear that is sexy is like red and black cuz leather... wee!


Some people are really against penetration because you know, “Oh, I’m gay, I don’t do penetration.”


                        >Cut to Simone


There seriously should be a fucking lesbian guide book. I mean, can’t I just be gay & like girls? Does it need to be, you have to do this, you can’t do that, we can’t do penis because we’re gay, you know, we only eat tofu & other soy based products, we’re the friends of nature. Soy gives me diarrhea. I am not eating soy. End of story.


>Camera pans up to Simone examining a small dildo. Simone gapes open her mouth and looks happy.


                        Simone: Oh wow. Oh my.  


[drum sounds fade-up]


>Cut to drummers marching in


[drum sounds fade-down]


>Cut to Simone and Shavon walking


Simone: We have to start screaming soon with lots of noises right? Isn’t that what lesbians do? I don’t know. Screaming just yelling. Ahhhhhhhh! Whaaaaaa!


>Sequence of 3 shots of Simone yelling throughout the parade


>Cut to crowd with Simone behind head. Loud screaming.


>Cut to Snowflake looking stunned under sound of Simone screaming


>Pan into a shot of Simone and Snowflake with backs to camera


Simone (voice over): I think when I am older, lets say like 20, 30 years or so, I want to have a house, kind of like one in Ithaca,


                        >Cut to Simone 


a nice little brownstone type thing with like a big, big bedroom & really plush sheets & bright colors & a nice chocolate Labrador and a girlfriend who’s like, who can bake but she’s not girly, but she can cook & teach me how to fix cars & we’ll sit in bed & like watch the Simpsons together.


[drum sounds fade back up]


>Cut to Simone hidden behind crowd, walking right.


                        [Fade to black.]


Wickham: You know, I’d love to have sex three times a week, I, I, I really would, you know, that would be great. But there are times where you, you know, you’ve gotta listen to what the other person wants. Umm. Sometimes you just wanna cum, you have to be available to yourself, you’ve gotta be available to, to masturbate, because it could be just about you know, I want a really good meal or I’m just gonna make a sandwich and go to the gym. So, sex is that way too.


[Title Card:]


“Sex hasn’t been the same

since women started

enjoying it.”


                           Lewis Grizzard


Melinda Sr: My first orgasm wasn’t until I masturbated at 29. It felt really good


                        >Cut to Melindas Jr. and Sr.


cause for years I thought there must be something wrong with me and was told something must be really wrong with you. When you have a new relationship, you kiss the neck, it feels good– things feel good and I just thought that was it. So when I had my first orgasm I was shocked (laughter).


                        Melinda Jr.: That’s the exact opposite of me.


Melinda Sr.: And then felt guilty. Then when tried to tell my partner that I could do this they were not– he was not cooperative. At all. So. That was your father.


Melinda Jr.: Oh, how lovely.


Caroline: It is, it is so much better in some ways to have sex by myself and, and to, I know myself, man, let me tell you, I know myself inside and out and I know what I like, so when I’m with myself I let it go and I can get wild and crazy and scream and yell if I want to, I’m not a real screamer but, I can explode and let that experience happen. When you’re with somebody, you’re a little inhibited.


Jenny: I never made any connection between sex and orgasms. I knew that like that was the way it was supposed to be, I mean, you know I read, but not for me, there was no connection. It was like eating dinner and taking a bath, they were just totally separate, maybe you could mix the two, you could lean the plate on the tub, but why would you? That’s just not the way it works, this is the way it works.


Pat: When I had sex, I didn’t finish till I had the orgasm, I am a Jewish, I want it all, retail and wholesale, the whole thing and I’ll stay until I get everything done.


Vanessa: I’m enjoying the intensity of you just touching me, of fooling around, of me touching you, why do I have to have an orgasm? And the problem is when I want one they don’t do it (whining).




                        Come out here on the floor

                        Let’s rock some more


                        >Cut to b&w footage of waves crashing on rocks


Trish: You can talk to me a certain way, look at me a certain way, and I’ll have an orgasm. Well, maybe not that bad, but I can have an orgasm with or without penetration.


Lisa: I can have an orgasm from just my breasts being stimulated.


Jessica: I actually had an orgasm from a man rubbing my head.


Vanessa: I have this strange spot on my foot that I’ve just been able to get an orgasm from.


Sally: I think I’m having one now just talking about it.


[Music fades in]


>Cut to b&w footage of dancing legs, then a woman with a funny hat, being surprised


[Music fades out]


Shani: I knew this woman who um, who was, uh, 47? And she was freshly divorced and she had never had an orgasm with her husband. And um, I was-and they were married for 20 something years and, uh, we were talking about it and she was really coming on to me really, really strong, because she um, we were at the bar and she-and I guess I was lookin’ at her ‘cause she was cute and um she was lookin’ at me, and I guess she thought that I was gonna be like this little young thing that that if she couldn’t get with-


Joy: She could play with, right..


Shani: Right! You know if she couldn’t get it with her husband then maybe this other-this girl knows what to do. And we talked about it and I was like, ‘Girl, you’ve never had an orgasm before? How can you’-And I said ‘and the things th-and nothing’s wrong?’ She said, ‘No, nothing’s wrong.’ I said, ‘You know you d-you got fingers, right? You h-And they work!’ You know, the faucet or something! I was like throwing out all these-


Joy: What’d she say?


Shani: She-she was embarrassed. She was embarrassed when I was throwing out all these like techniques and stuff. ‘Cause I was trying to be helpful. And then you can take this (makes a hand gesture), you know....


                        [Music cont’d]


                        ...Help me work out.


>Footage of fireworks going off


                        [Fade to black; music ends]


>Fade-Up photo of Jenny and her husband


Jenny: We had a very bad patch in our marriage where I was overweight and I had just had my third baby and we went about a year and a half without sex. I don’t think I looked awful, I just looked different,


                        >Cut to Jane and Jenny


but I really did look different. And I think that he had this, not only did he not like the extra weight but I was turning him off, but I didn’t think that at the time I thought, “Bastard, how could you not want me just cause I gained weight, it’s bearing your children that I have gained this weight and here you are now rejecting me based on that same thing, what I have done for you.” So that was very, very difficult for me. That took. And then when I actually did lose the weight, which I did on my own because of my own self, because I felt that it would make me better, the whole time I thought to myself, “If he starts to get amorous again because I’ve lost the weight, he is dead.” I set him up totally. I really did lose the weight, I lost a lot of weight and there he was right back at me and I’m sure that some much of it had to do with the fact that I looked, felt sexier, I was wearing sexier clothes again, I was walking a different way, I felt a totally different way and he reacted to that, but I was thinking, “Okay now I lost the weight, now I’m not a pig anymore, so now you’re going to go for me.” And that made me feel very resentful, that was very tough for me.


                        [Black. Music fades up]


Pretty woman, walking down the street.

Pretty woman, the kind I’d like to meet.


>Jessica walking down the street towards camera in Slow Motion. A man turns and looks as she passes, camera abruptly gains focus.


[Music continued]


Pretty woman. I don’t believe you.


                        >Cut to Jessica’s POV camera


>Black man looks exiting Papaya King


[Music continued]


You’re not the truth.


                        >Man in orange shirt looks


[Music continued]


No one could look as good as you.


>Black man in baseball cap looks


>Bald guy in a suit looks


>Black guy looks and smiles


[music fades down slowly]


Jessica: When I walk down the street, sure, I guess I, I guess I do get noticed. I get the “hey baby’s!”


                        >Shots of various men who stop and turn to smile or look at Jessica


Jessica: I get noticed because I have a vagina.


>Cut to Jessica outside


Jessica: And it doesn’t matter if I am wearing a dress, or jeans, or, you know, sometimes it is just because I am a female.


>Cut to Trish


Trish: You know I have to be careful because it pisses a lot of women off, you know, I have nice body, I know I have a nice body, Im not going to have a nice body forever, so I feel like to me it’s just this shell, you know, this is the outside, it’s the person inside that’s more important. So, I figure, well, you know, I have it now, I might as well just have as much fun with it as I possibly can.


[music fades back up]


>Cut to second hidden camera (Jessica from the back) walking through a crowd. A man smiles, and then turns to look Jessica as she passes.




[music fades back down]


Karen: When I am walking and talking and wearing the right clothes


>Cut to Karen and Theresa


I think I feel sexy. I mean don’t look at myself and think ‘Oh, you’re sexy,’ but I feel it, you know.


>Cut to Vanessa


Vanessa: Well, um, I am very comfortable with my body. I have great boobs. I’m you know, I’m you know, um, I don’t have walls about sexuality. I mean I’m not – I think everyone does, but I’m not shy about sex.


>Cut to Jessica


Jessica: I think women hold a tremendous amount of power that they don’t wanna actually use and as soon as I became


                        >Cut to Jessica standing in front of fruit stand


                        aware of my sexuality, I don’t know, it just all changed..


                        Icee Man: (opening up freezer) How you doing today?


                        Jessica: I’m good.


                        >Cut to Jessica’s POV


Icee Man: Beautiful day, huh?


                        Jessica: It’s gorgeous.


                        >Cut to second hidden camera angle                      


                        Icee Man: What’s your name?


                        Jessica: Jessica.


                        Man in Aquamarine: Jessica? Ooh, that’s nice.


                        >Cut to Jessica’s POV


                        Jessica: wha– you’re giving me, that’s not a taste, that’s a whole thing.


                        Man in Aquamarine: No problem. Don’t worry about it.


Jessica: Really. You’re buyin’ me an icee?


Man in Aquamarine: Sure, why not.


                        Jessica: Well I appreciate that.


Man in Aquamarine: You’re welcome. No problem.


Vanessa: I’m the kind of person, because of the way I’m built..


                        >Cut to Vanessa 


...and I was thinner, and whatever, but I always had a feeling that I was not physically appealing enough. So I would have sex seeing myself through the person’s eyes, which is the most horrific thing to do, if you’ve ever really done it, and you see, and then, which impedes good sexual activity because your mind is not focused, and all you’re doing is torturing yourself over and over and over again. So with time and help, I’ve diminished that and because I’ve diminished that and I don’t as often, every now and then it pops in, like “Oh my god, this man is upside down and what is he seeing right now?” You know what I mean. And I would think that, and I would think that in the middle of sex, it was horrible.


>Cut to Lisa


Lisa: Sex would be so much better if I didn’t have to get naked. If there was some way to do it so I could cover up those parts of my body that I am most sensitive about...which just happen to be on top and on bottom of my vagina (laughs)! I guess if you wore a skirt and kept it on (laughs).


>Cut to Ms. Nickki


Ms. Nickki: Whether I have on my brown wig, my black wig, whether I’m wearing my real hair today, if I got on a skirt, a long dress, pants, jeans whatever, jogging suit, I’m still sexy. All the time. (Chuckles.)


[Music fades back up]


                        Pretty woman, stop for a while.

Pretty woman, talk for a while.




>Jessica walks in front of the camera. Guy walking with another woman looks at her.


[Music continued]


Pretty woman give your smile to me.


                        Two man standing on the corner both look, and smile.


                        [Music fades.]



Pat: There was one man who made me feel beautiful. He was a Russian artist ...


>Cut to Pat


Pat: ... and he came into my office one day, and he brought me a pomegranate. He kept looking at me in the window and he squeezed it out for me in a cup one day and he said, like this would stomach. He couldn’t speak English, but he would sketch me pictures and we would communicate through, this was so sexual, and so sensitive, and so romantic. And he would bring me flowers and candy and we had this, we began this relationship which led to sex.. But after about six months he started learning English, and when he began to speak English, I found he had a wife and child in Russia who were planning to come over here so, goodbye, “dasverdanya,” it was over. But it was six months I will always treasure, it was very romantic, I thought the romanticest time of my life. You know, old fashioned, very romantic.




[Title Card:]

I like to wake up

feeling a new man.

                                             Jean Harlow


>Fade into group shot of several women all sitting


                        Q: How many men have you been intimate with in your life?


>Cut to three women on the left


Bonita: I don’t even know.


                        >Cut to Bonita


One night is a little while. Sometimes. No. I don’t know. A lot.


>Cut to Terry


Terry: Too many. Too many. Honestly, I mean, I can give you a number, but too many things, too many regrets.


>Cut to Staci


Staci: About 10. Period.


>Cut to Rhytva


Rhytva: I would say probably close to 50. (Laughter.)


>Cut to Patty


Patty: Like 15, not as many as her (referring to Vanessa, everyone laughs).


>Cut to Rhytva, laughing, back to MCU of Patty laughing, WS of everyone laughing.


[Black and music.]


                        [music fades up.]


I’m in the mood for love,


>fade up to grainy b&w footage of woman dancing.




simply because you’re near me.

Funny but when you’re near me,

I’m in the mood for love.

Heaven was in your eyes ...


Jane: I’ve had 5 total,


>Cut to Jane and Jenny


with my husband (turns to Jenny). Slut, go ahead.


Jenny: I don’t remember. I’m not even going there, ok, I lied to my husband, I don’t want to have to lie to you too.


Jane (laughing): You want to use my hands too?


Joy: You don’t want to have one whole hand, you need to be able to count them on one hand and I was like no, I’m never going to get to five, I’m never gonna hit that fifth finger.


Theresa: I have slept with less than five and that’s all (laugh).


Sandy: You can count on maybe, less than two hands. Um, six?


Sunita: I would say about, please don’t tell my mother (laughing), I think about, I think about, I would say about ten.


Vanessa: I think I had about 14 notches on my bed. I also had a journal that I would like mark everyone, like I had a little key in the corner: like explanation point meant orgasm; and like down arrow meant it sucked, you know.


Rachel: I’ve had about 25.


Caroline: Thirty, upwards of thirty, yes.


Cythnia: Thirty, thirty-five (pause) Forty?


Trish: Forty, fifty, thirty? I don’t know.


Sally: Oh gosh, I hate to say it, I’d say a good fifty, sixty, I’m known as the Wilt Chamberlain of the lesbian society.


>Grainy b&w shot of woman dancing in large white dress




I’m in the mood for love. Doo-dee.


>Cut to Laura and Kri


Laura: I have slept with one, two, three, four, five, six...


[Fading out to black]


                        [Music ends in a flourish] 




Cynthia: Yea, I believe the best is when, is when you have three lovers at the same time ...


>Cut to Cynthia


Cynthia: ...and you need one to take you out to dinner and to dress well and like to be seen with you when you’re dressed well. The external guy. You need the guy who were, the, the the sex is passionate and wonderful and exciting and thrilling. And then you need the fellow for the intellectual and to save you from boredom. And when you have those three togther and you can balance them, ah, I’ve found that to be absolutely the best.




[Title Card:]


Amanda & Casey


>Cut to shot to Casey and Amanda in a bedroom


Casey: Some people tell me like, “your parents still have sex.” No!


Amanda (talking at the same time): Yeah, I don’t think so.


Casey: My parents? That is so disgusting like I could see a lot of my friends parents still having sex but not mine


                        Amanda: Ian’s parents!                     


                        Casey: Ian’s– oh my God! Okay, my friend Ian, oh I never, did I ever tell you?




[Title Card:]

Amanda & Casey are

high school sophomores

and best friends

                        [Fade to black]


Casey: Me and Ian were at his house once and we were like, what was I looking for, I might have been looking for, I think I needed a tampon their house is one of those houses that’s really clean, everything has...


                        >Cut to a shot of Amanda and Casey sitting on a bed


Casey: ...a spot and it’s like perfect, so I didn’t want to go in there alone, so I dragged him in with me when I like looked through all the stuff, I opened up one drawer, the entire drawer was different types of condoms...


                        Amanda: Oh my God!


Casey: Ian went, (makes a shocked face) I went “EEEWW!” And we both like ran out of there.


[Music fades-up]


                        They say we’re young and we don’t know.

Won’t find out until we ...


>Cut to shot of Amanda and Casey walking around NYU campus


>Cut to frontal angle of Amanda and Casey






Casey: Oh these three guys hanging out here. I like the style of the guy with the white shirt and the cargo pants but...


>Full shot of three guys sitting on a bench.


                        Amanda: Ooh, he’s explaining something.


                        Casey: Ooh, he’s smart. He knows what he’s talking about.


                        >Cut back to frontal angle of Casey and Amanda.


                        Amanda: Look, look, look. He’s getting all excited.


                        Casey: He could teach me a lesson. Oh not him! The one next to him.


                        Amanda: (giggles)


                        [Sound fades-out]


>Cut to Amanda and Casey in bedroom


Casey: My mom has like heard me talking on the phone before saying how I was like - Oh I think he’s so hot! And my mom was like “who?” and she’s like is this a little boy in your class and I was like - Oh don’t I wish it was that simple and all little cutesy, and I’m like - Go and mind your own business . It’s not that I like to lie to her, but I don’t want her to know this part about me.


Amanda: Yeah, I agree, definitely like my sisters would be hurt, because I didn’t share my first kiss with them, and I didn’t tell them that I’m interested in someone, but, and my mom I just, it’s just weird, I can’t do that, and my brother would kill me, literally.




                        Babe ...


>Cut to Amanda & Casey facing away from camera walking through Washington Square Park.


Casey: Imagine even a really, really good body, right?

Which would you imagine a good body–whatever in briefs. But then imagine him in ...


                        >Cut to front view of Amanda and Casey; camera walks with them


                        Casey: ...boxers. And that is so much sexier...


Amanda: (shakes her head) I don’t know–why do you think that? Tell me, why do you think that?


Casey: I don’t know. Well, because first of all: dicks are not an attractive thing, right?


Amanda: (covers her face and laughs.)


Casey: So like, tighty-whitey just like smashes against them. It’s just gross. Cuz like boxers leave something to the imagination but its--I dunno.


Amanda: But briefs, I like them...


>Cut to profile view of Amanda and Casey


                        Casey: Ok, like these two lovebirds, get a room...


Amanda: Ohhhhhh


Casey: We are going guy scoping, I don’t need that. What do you mean ohhh...


                        Amanda: I want someone to do that with me.


                        Casey: Ohhh my ass


Amanda: Why you wouldn’t want to do that? I would.


>Camera pans behind the girls to couple sitting on the bench. Then pans back to side shot of girls walking.


                        Casey: No, ok like that’s for the privacy, Im going boy scoping, I don’t need see                         that. Like how is that helping my boy scoping?


                        [Sound fades-out]


Casey: I like being able to say to my friends like when they’re like “how was your weekend” I’d be like, ugh, I hooked up with the hottest guy.


>Cut to Amanda and Casey walking through Washington Square Park


                        Casey: But I am really self-conscious when it comes to guys.  


                        >Cut to Amanda and Casey in bedroom


Casey: I try to look skinny, like I’ll be in a position where I’ll look skinnier, like, like I’ll never sit where they can see like anything here, like I’ll never sit so they can be here, anything where I think that I’m gonna look heavy I’ll never sit in that position or do anything like that, but my tricks for looking good, like if I already expect to like hook up with him, is like I’ll wear a bra that’s too small for me , because it makes my boobs look bigger. (Amanda laughs)


>Cut to Amanda and Casey looking a basket of shirts in front of a store


                        Casey: You can never go wrong....


                        Amanda: (holding up a shirt) My god.


Casey: (finishing sentence) ....with a cute, little, show me my cleavage....halter-top like this (holding up black halter top).


                        Amanda: But you don’t want to show too much, you told me that.


                        Casey: But you knoooow, cleavage you can show a lot of, that’s okay.


                        Amanda: You told me not to, remember?


Casey: Yeaaah, but you knooowww.


Casey: First base is french kissing, ...


                        >Cut to Amanda and Casey in bedroom


Casey: ...second base is being felt up, sloppy second is a guy sucking on your boobs, third base is being fingered, and sloppy third is either receiving or giving oral sex, and home base is sex.


>Cut to Amanda and Casey looking through a rack of blue jeans


                        Casey: Jeans


                        Amanda: These are nice.


                        Casey (simultaneously): These are nice....


                        Amanda: These are so nice..... oh my god.


Casey (craning her neck to look over her own shoulder): I don’t have the ass for these jeans, cause the no pockets, that’s like a look-at-me ass, but since mine’s so flat...okay you, you can wear these jeans...


                        Amanda: No...


                        [Sound fades-out]


Casey: I definitely give head instead of having sex, because I don’t want to lose my virginity but I don’t want the guy to, and I hate saying - I don’t want the guy to not like me, but...


Amanda: What exactly is, giving head? (Laugh) cause I’m confused cause, I’m confused, cause everyone says it, but I, I don’t want to sound...


Casey: Giving a blow job is the same thing as giving head.


Amanda: Okay-cause I didn’t-okay.


[Music fades up]


                        I got you babe,

I got you babe


>Fades to girls walking down street, camera to their backs


                        [Cut to black]


                        [Music fades out]


                        [Fade in]


                        >Cut to Kri & Laura 


Kri: I love blow jobs. I love giving them. I’ve actually declared the first of the month Blow Job Day, just as a joke. Just to actually surprise my boyfriend, but since then, he thinks it the greatest thing in the world. (Both women laugh)


Vanessa: I wouldn’t touch a penis if you paid me. Couldn’t do it. Couldn’t do it. That to me was a turnoff. (pushing the back of her head) And the fact that they would push you like that, and push you like that, that to me was, right there, you lost me.


[Sound fades out]


Felicia: I’m proud of the fact that I can sit here and say I have no problem sucking dick, cause I don’t have issues like that, not everybody’s, but when you get it, you’re gonna get it.


Karen: If they cum or something in your mouth and it’s, I mean I know I sound like a fucking idiot...


Caroline: Are you freaked out about that?


Karen: It just freaks me out...


Caroline: No, you don’t sound like an idiot, it’s just the way you feel...


Karen: I mean it like , I don’t like the taste


Caroline: Well it depends on the guy...


Karen: No one is ever gonna date me when they see this (laugh)


Caroline: There’s good cum and there’s bad cum okay....


Karen: If any guy ever saw that I was like, “I hate blow jobs.” Here’s Karen, “I hate blow jobs, thank you!”


Lisa: I think that on some level, that giving a man a blow job is even more intimate than having intercourse, and for me personally, certainly if I swallow, I am definitely comm– and nobody else knows this but me & everybody else watching this now, but if I swallow, that has much more meaning to me and my commitment to this person than it does if I wouldn’t, or if I wasn’t even going down on him.


Melinda Sr.: When we were growing up no one talked about blow jobs, your husband or your lover went to the city to get a blow job for $25, or whatever it cost, nobody would– a wife would never admit to give a blow job to her husband so a very big generation gap there.


[music fades in slowly]


Melinda Jr..: I have never spit (very proud) I always swallow.


Melinda Sr..: well, that’s good. (Both laugh)


Caroline: Yeah, oh they do, they love that, yeah like guys want to cum all over you , it’s just like their thing, just let me, baby let me cum all over you...


Karen (speaking at the same time) : Oh it’s like mister big penis was always like, let me cum on your face, let me cum on your face... and I’m like why and he goes - It’s really good for your face!


Caroline: It’s a porn!


Karen: Like that fucking, you know, you want to fucking do something to my skin, like you care about my skin.


[Music fades in]


                        Mr. Big stuff ...



>cut to grainy b&w footage of muscle man




                        ...who do you think you are?

Big stuff .


Ms. Nikki: I’ve had one guy that I nicknamed “Big Dick Dave”. Because I promise you, he had the package to his knees (hand gestures length). And he was like, ah (hand gestures circumference). I couldn’t believe it. It was a challenge to me to even try to have sex with him. I was scared at first. But I did & I couldn’t believe what, you know... The rest of it is a waste (hand gestures excess length) –if it’s too long, it’s a waste ‘cause that’s not going in there. But the size, oh yeah, when he can fill it up, pshh (puts hands up). Don’t make me talk!


Joy: I don’t like a penis that’s like looks like the side of a mountain that’s like ridged all over the place and cut-se-


Shani: I do.


Joy: I can’t. That’s not me. I like something that’s smooooth...


Shani: Model penis...


Joy: Soft to the touch...(laughs loud)


Shani: Model penis! She likes, uh Gay Porn penis. That’s what she likes. She likes Gay Male Porn penis. Nobody in real life has a dick like that. Like 3 guys in the world...


                        Joy: Ok, well then I’ve been lucky ‘cause uh-well let’s see, yeah...


Bonita: Guy was at least 6'7" or 6'11'’some shit. Really tall basketball player, I thought he had the body of like fine and everything. We get into bed, the brother has got the littlest penis I’ve ever seen in my life. Not only is it little, the shit is shaped like a gas nozzle, it was like that (shows using her fingers, Rytva laughs) and I’m like, what is this unleaded? Is this premium? What the fuck am I supposed to do with this and I said it, you know, where do I pump...




[Music fades in]


Mr. Bigstuff, who do you think you are?

                        You’re never gonna get my love.


>Cuts back to muscle man footage.


[Music fades out]


                        >Fade in to black


>Cut to Wickham


Wickham: A penis has never been the object of my lust, I much more find things sexy that are out in public like hands, or shoulders, or it, that there’s a sense that what you see in public, and then what you use differently or experience differently in bed that, that’s extraordinarily sexy. Mouths, where, you know, one minute it can be wrapped around you breasts, or the next minute it’s doing a deal on the telephone, that’s tremendously sexy to me. But the great thing about sex is that it’s totally different for everyone.




Wickham: You know, it’s as diverse as humanity.


[Title Card:]

I know nothing about

sex because I was

always married

                              –Zsa Zsa Gabor


Kevin: How did we hook up?


[fade up from black.]


Well, we, uh I went with a friend of mine to a Halloween party at her cousin’s house and pretty much that’s where we met and just...


[Title Card:]


Paula & Kevin


Paula: Well, we didn’t even date after that.


Kevin: No


Paula: Not for a couple of months.


Juli: He asked me if I was wearing Patchouli, and I was. And I had these long dangly earrings ...


[Title Card:]

Juli and Jeff


Juli: ...on and he said that he liked my earrings And then somehow we got talking about me going to Alabama to do Women’s Studies and he was very interested in what Women’s Studies was.


Jeff: Somehow...somehow we got talking about it? That’s ALL she talked about. (mutual laughter) It was like, Yeah I’m a radical.


Mary: I was working two jobs. Single mom, my son was five years old.


[Title Card:]

Keith and Mary


Mary: Worked in a convenience store three or four nights a week and I worked in a bar three or four nights a week. And he came in the convenience store and I had never seen him before and I thought, Wow, he is just so good looking, I mean, I’ve gotta know who he is.


Sara: You were the first women, like, that I actually considered, actually like sleeping with ...


[Title Card:]

Sara and Rachel


Sara: ...or thought it was actually possible to and the first time I actually like imagined myself capable of being in a girl/girl relationship. Umm, you put your heat right on me. (Makes radar noise, they laugh)


                        [Piano music fades-in]




                        >Fade in and out a picture of each couple


[Titles fade-out]


Mary: He started coming to the convenience store, every night I worked he would come up there and talk to me ...


>Cut to Mary and Keith


Mary: ...and talk all night long, it was several months before we decided to go out, go home together.


                        Keith: It was several months before we ever kissed.


                        Mary: Yeah.


Juli: We went to Newport after we had dinner and he asked me if he could hold my hand. And that, I was like, take it!.


                        Jeff: But that was a mental, not a sexual, physical...?


                        Juli: No that was, I thought...there was sexual going on there for me.


Rachel: Neither one of us knew who initiated it just sort of happened all the sudden and we were like Woo! We just looked at each other and well, Woo Hoo. And just kept going.


Sara: There was no West Side Story “Tonight Tonight” sequence you know. I did not determine to go out and like, get with that Rachel.


                        Rachel: Me either.


Sara: It was like Woo! It was great, it was perfect. It was at last my little movie scene, understanding, no one says the word “maaa.” (Laughs)


Kevin: You could tell she had planned this out. She had picked her little place at her friends house and she got a little nightgown together and she had music going and the lights down and...


                        Paula: And what was my statement?


                        Kevin: And I said, you know, I’m like, were kissing and making out and I’m like

‘Alright cool’ you know, ‘but let’s go ahead and we’re gonna work this nightgown off a little bit.’


                        both of them: ‘No, my mother won’t let me take it off’


                        Kevin: Okay, you discussed this with your mother? Right (sarcastically)!


Juli: We had a drink and uh, he said, I’m afraid that if we make love I’ll love you forever. (pause)


                        Jeff: I was afraid. It was scary.


                        Juli: He’s still afraid.


                        Jeff: Yeah well, not anymore.


                        Juli: Yeah, well, so. So we did (smiles).


                        Jeff: And here we are (both laugh).




                        [Black. Music ends.]


Paula (voice over): I would say, we went out every single night for ten months,


                        Paula: and every single night for ten months we had sex at least once. At least once.


                        Kevin: Yeah, every night that we went out we had sex.


                        Paula: At least once.


                        Kevin: Oh yeah.


Mary: Yeah, it was like ‘can you come home from lunch today’? You know you gonna get off early today? And um, every weekend, all weekend long I mean six or seven times over the weekend I mean yeah, we couldn’t get enough of each other.


Juli: A lot of sex. A lot of, A lot of sex. I can’t even think of it specifically. You know, it just was good, and it was fun, and we were trying new things.


Jeff: I thought that the part that was interesting to me about the whole thing was that we...I, We were doing different things sexually than I had done with um...


                        Juli: Really? Other women?


Jeff: Yeah, there was a lot of stuff that we did. You know that whole anal stuff. That was...


Juli: That’s all I think about when I think about that first apartment. (bursting into laughter)


Sara: Sarah like oozes sexual-ness, at all times. Like it’s amazing and I doubt she even knows. It is sort of like these looks, these looks she gives and she doesn’t even know she’s giving. It’s just like, ‘Oh my God, what are you doing to me?’


Kevin: We would go to a hotel room...


                        Paula: And not come out.


Kevin: ...and literally lock the door and have sex from 6 or 7 o’clock in the evening til 3 or 4 in the morning. Until we physically could not have it any more.


Paula: Well, we had sex at that point so much that we were putting blisters on his penis.


                        [Music fades-in. Black.]


Q: When was the last time you had sex?


                        Paula: The last time we had sex was...


Kevin: Two days ago?


Paula: dad’s been here all week, so you know, it hasn’t been in that time period. It was after Valentine’s Day, it was after Beth came down and saw us. So, we’ve probably had sex twice in the past month.


                        Q: Is that pretty much average for y’all now?


                        Paula: No, that’s a record. (Kevin laughs) That’s doing good.


                        Q: So, things have changed.


                        Paula: Oh, absolutely.


                        Kevin: Oh yeah, things have definitely changed.


                        Paula: Average for us is probably once every six weeks.


                        Q: And why is that? Do you have any idea?


[Music playing softly in background.]


                        Kevin: Why is that?


Paula: I think, oh, I absolutely have an idea. It’s me. After we had our son, my sex drive and sex– desire for sex hit rock bottom. Some days I feel like if I never had sex again it would never bother me.


Sara: The last time we had sex was probably months ago. Yeah. Two or three at least. Yeah. (Laughs) But it’s that intensely emotionally satisfying relationship that we have that makes it okay.


Mary: We bought sex toys, we’ve videos...


Keith: All of lotions and... whip cream...


Mary: Going to a motel and renting a room for the night or the weekend and just... Me and him, just us...


Keith: Only thing we hadn’t try is the... the edible panties...


Mary: Oh we don’t want to do the edible panties...


Keith: That’s the only thing we havn’t tried.


Mary: I just can’t find the romanticism in edible panties. I just can’t.


Juli: It used to be, definitely, that we were at a solid once a week at least, you know, minimum.. And then since we opened this company it’s definitely petered out a little bit.


                        Jeff: What do you mean once a week?


                        Juli: We went...What are you talking about? You’re saying we didn’t do it once a week?


                        Jeff: No, I would say we’re still at once a week.


Juli: We went three weeks last month we didn’t have sex. I had a yeast infection and then I had my period you know


Jeff: Well I don’t know that that necessarily had...but...


                        Juli: ...well but that happens. That shit happens and you know.


                        Jeff: Well, I guess when you quantify it like that, once every three weeks.


                        Juli: Well all right probably an average of once a week.


                        Jeff: Yeah I was thinking more like two.


                        Juli: (Guffaws) You wish!


[Music fades in, screen fades to black]


[Music ends]


Mary: He’ll come up behind me & kiss me on the neck, put his hands around me & grab my bosom or grab me here (point to her mid-section) and grab & grab & grab and its really annoying, very annoying & he knows it. We’ve talked about it a million times. That’s his way of initiating sex... and I could do without it. (laughs)


                        Q: So how would you like him to initiate sex?


Mary: Oh, we’ve talked about this too. Get flowers, surprise flowers, or go take a shower & have cologne on or a surprise date. “Honey, we’re going out to dinner tonight & I’ve set it all up and then we’re going to do this.” (Keith is shaking his head & frowning)


Keith: That’s too much trouble


Mary:(shaking her head) He doesn’t go for that.


Sara: I think the fact that we can go months without having sex and still love each other as much as we do, and I can still retain the intensity and emotions I feel for her is amazing and it really makes me feel like I’ve done the right thing.


Rachel: Right...


Sara: Whenever I do doubt myself, like, ‘Oh, here we are, in one of these weird situations again,’(laughs) with a dildo in one hand and no idea what to do with it. But I know I’m with the right person, it’s so much better than anything I’ve ever had before.


Juli: This is what happens a lot. We’ll get in bed and it’ll be 10, 11 and he’ll be like “No, no, no,” and then I’ll just give him head for a while... And he’s all excited.


Jeff: (joking) No. Don’t stop! Stop.


Juli: He’ll be like, “Oh don’t honey, don’t, no honey, honey.”


                        Jeff: (imitating himself) Oh honey...come up here. 


Juli: Then he’ll be like, “Come here.” you know so... But I hate to have to resort to that, you know. I’ll suck your dick so you’ll have sex with me.


Jeff: See, that doesn’t bother me. (Laughs.)


Juli: (Laughs and slaps table) Of course that doesn’t bother you!


Mary: See, I used to look, I mean 38-26-38 - I used to look really good. And so I think in my head, in my mind now, being overweight full figured woman, rather than a shapely nice figured woman, that he doesn’t find me that attractive and he’s just saying that he wants to have sex just so he doesn’t hurt my feelings. So...


                        Q: Now, do you think that’s true? (To Keith)


                        Keith: No (Shaking his head).


                        Mary: Its all up here (pointing to her head).


Keith: That’s what she thinks, I don’t think that. I think that she’ still an attractive woman.


                        Mary: That’s right.


                        Keith: She’s still the apple of my eye, you know, if she weighed 500 pounds, still.  

                        Mary: (nodding) He keeps telling me that. He keeps telling me that, so...


                        [Music fades in]


                        Lovin’ is the thing I crave.

For you’re love I’d be your slave.


                        [Cut to black]


[Title Card:]


“Lord, give me chastity... but not yet.”

 -Saint Augustine (AD 400)


                        [Music continues]


You’ve got to give me some.


Q: So when was the last time you had sex?


Cynthia: Ahh.... yesterday.


Jen: The last time I had sex was four months ago.


Vanessa: This morning I had sex before I came (laughs).


Felicia: You’re gonna make me actually tell the last time I had sex, oh God! (both women laugh) Blow away the cobwebs. You mean with a person or with a toy?


Misty: The last time I had sex was on New Year’s Day.


Karen: The last time I had sex was on Valentine’s Day.


Theresa: Last night. I was thinking about it this morning, but then I definitely would have been late (laugh).


Caroline: The last time I had sex was uh, shit, that was three years ago...


Karen: It was three years ago...


Caroline: That was three years ago. That was three years ago.


Natalie: Oh, I guess two days ago(laughs). I’m trying to think. Two days ago(laughs).


[Music rises to full]


                        You’ve got to give me some.


>Fade in to Vanessa.


Vanessa: I’d say sex is like a main center piece of my life and I hope it always is. ...I mean, I don’t know, it’s so natural to me that I can’t– it’s hard to even explain why that is but...


Jenny: I have family members who have moved apart, what I was told is that they don’t really have a sexual libido anymore. I don’t wanna be like that. I wanna have sex til the day I die, I wanna die of a heart attack while coming. That would be ideal.


Jane: Eww, that’s nasty. (Both laugh)


Cynthia: Actually, you know, when it comes to sex, you know in the first five seconds, five, that’s all, whether there’s going to be something there. It’ know it like that (snaps her fingers) it happens like that (snaps again).


[Music fade up]


It’s not the pale moon that excites me,

that thrills or delights me.

Oh no.

It’s just the manness of you.


>Series of couple’s photos, in dissolves.


Sally: I was with somebody multi orgasmic. That’s what it always focused on. I mean we had sex many times a day. I mean it was just the most exhilarating experience.


Lisa: I can’t believe that I want this person so much. That I want you so much. That I want your tongue and your face and your ass in my hands, you now? That whole sort of feeling like an animal kind of thing.


Miss Nikki: I was obsesed with his love, and it felt so good. It was like my heart jumping out of my skin every part of my body just wants to grab hold. And I thought, I thought for sure we would be bonded by night, I met Harry a long time ago. But anyway, it was a wild feeling when you have somebody that just make your eyeballs get hot when you look at them. Ohh...


>Camera zooms in on a photo of a couple kissing.


[Music fades in]


                        Oh, my wildest dreams come true.


                        [Music fades out]


                        [Fade to black]                       


Karen: My husband can do some really dumb things, but, he can walk down the hall in front of me, and thirteen years later I, he’s just...he’s just the guy that. I have no reason to want to look at anybody else. He’s just there... I want to be there old, rocking in a chair and he can sit naked, I don’t care, ‘cause I know it’s not, there’ll still be no flab, but anyway...umm, this man is uh, I think he was put on the earth for me. To torture me, whatever, I don’t care but, I like it (laughs). I guess I was just here to be abused, I don’t know.


Theresa: (laughing) Oh Karen!


Karen: No, but you know, because, they can make you so mad.


Theresa: Oh, I know.


Karen: ...oh, but he uh, he can also make me so happy.


Theresa: You can be so angry one moment and then he’d turn around, and you’d see something, like the back of Rich’s neck, and the anger’s gone. And it’s (sigh) why am I mad at this guy when all I want to do is just you know, climb in bed and make love with him.


>Silent b&w movie footage of a couple, each in their own make believe heart. Their hearts join and they kiss


Juli (voice over): I don’t know, I feel like our love is so intense that...


>cut to Jeff and Julie.


                        Juli: I don’t know how long it’s meant to be here. And I wanna be in it as long as


                        Jeff: What? Our love you mean?


                        Juli: Yeah.


                        Jeff: What you planning on going somewhere?


Juli: No, it’s just like Romeo and Juliet though. I mean, the whole notion of Romeo and Juliet is that their love was so unique and amazing that it couldn’t last. Like. No love like that can last. And I worry sometimes that our love is like that Romeo and Juliet love. That is only meant to be for a certain amount of time, and then it’s. You know, (looks over to Jeff) then he dies.


                        [Fade-In Piano Music.]


Hurry up now my heart is beating, everybody home but me.

Hurry up down to my house baby. I’m as blue as I can be.


                        [Fade to Black.]


                        [Title Card:]

Produced & Directed by


Louis Alvarez and

Andrew Kolker


                        [Fade to black]


                        [Title Card:]


Co-Produced and Edited by


Peter Odabashian


                        [Fade to black]




Hurry through the ally’s so the neighbors won’t see you.

Hurry on down to my heart baby. Everybody’s home but me.


                        [Title Card:]


Coordinating Producer


Beth Landau


                        [Fade to black]


Jeannie: This guy I went to bed with did something funny one time because he called me, he had been married before, and he was a divorced dad, and he had his two kids over at his house one day on the weekend, and he was, was talking to me as he was babysitting, and it, it sounded to me like he was vacuuming, and I said are you vacuuming? Are you cleaning the house? And he said of course. And I said Oh my god, I said I think that’s so sexy. And he said ‘oh, I’ll be right over (laughing) with my vacuum cleaner.’ (laughing)


                        [Cut to black]


                        [Music continues...]


The cukoo in the clock is going tick tock tick ...


[Credits continue...]

                      Vanessa: I like big noses and bad teeth. Not brown or you know dirty but crooked or chipped is a huge turn on for me.


[Cut to black.]


                        [Music and credits continue...]


                        Vanessa: Something that came out of that penis was not normal color. I said, isn’t that supposed to be white? Or maybe eggshell? (Laughs).


                        [Fade to black]


                        [Music and credits continue...]