The documentary project
People Like Us: Social Class in America is a two-hour TV special examining American life through the prism of our country's unique class structure. It was conceived and created by Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker, the Peabody-Award-winning creators of such films as Vote for Me— Politics in America and American Tongues, who tell this important story with their patented mix of humor and seriousness, style, and accessibility.

People Like Us shows how social class plays a role in the lives of all Americans, whether they live in Park Avenue penthouses, Appalachian trailer parks, bayou houseboats or suburban gated communities. The documentary travels across the country presenting stories that will resonate with viewers regardless of where they see themselves on the social spectrum — stories of family traditions, class mobility, and different lifestyle choices. An exciting cast of characters and commentators help make the connections between daily life and the larger issues of class in America.

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