chintz or shag?
What does your living room say about you? Do you favor big fish tanks and new Persian rugs or a gun rack over that really comfortable Naugahyde recliner? Do the things on your shelves scream "old money," "blue collar," or "smack dab in the middle class?"

Play our "Chintz or Shag?" game and test your class tastes. Choose the decorations for our fantasy living room and see what our extremely class-conscious judges say about who YOU are!


Meet the taste mavens


Stiles Minturn Bathurst IV: Some people say he's a snob—what with his Blue Blood lineage, his effortless sense of entitlement and the fact that he appears to have never worked a day in his life. But Stiles would say that he appreciates the "finer things in life"— things that only good breeding (and a trust fund) provide.



Henry Jones: He thinks he's just a regular guy, Henry does. "I'm really an everyman, squarely in the middle"— (square being perhaps the operative word). He's not shabby, but he's not too flashy. Someday he'd love to leave the computer firm he works for and start his own business.



Betty Cwiklowski: Betty's friends think she's got just a bit of an attitude. It's true she doesn't take any crap from anybody, especially from the regulars at the Chat N' Chew where she doles out burgers and B.L.T's with the best of them. But as crusty as she might be, she's got a proverbial heart of gold. Well, gold-plated anyway.



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