Although the word "class" isn't used that much on the Web, there are a number of sites that reflect the American class system. We've provided you with a variety of resources and background information to help you learn more about social class.  
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Marketers know that birds of a feather flock together. Type in your zip code and get a printout of the kind of people who live there, as well as the kinds of cars they drive, the food they eat, and the magazines they read. Maybe you're more like your neighbors than you think! Based on the PRIZM proprietary database developed and owned by Claritas, Inc. Have fun with our list of "Class Markers" — a series of links that reflects the interests and pursuits of America's many social classes. Expand your own class horizons! This is the place to learn about double-wide mobile homes, polo ponies, or caffé latte. Check out our teacher's guide for educators who would like to incorporate discussions of social class into their curriculum, plus a bibliography of popular books about social class in America, an index of statistics, and transcripts of the documentary. It's hard to find many mentions of social class in daily newspapers, magazines, and the rest of the popular press... you usually have to read between the lines. Much of the public discussion about class has been relegated to academia and political and labor organizations that have a strong interest in the subject.