2024, 3 episodes x 56 minutes. A film by Louis Alvarez, Christopher Groban, Andrew Kolker, and Marion Lear Swaybill.
CONFLUENCE explores the enduring — and surprising — connections between some of the most essential aspects of the human experience. In a world where the arts and STEM are thought of as distinctly separate realms, CONFLUENCE shows how they in fact can combine to spark human creativity. As several of the celebrated subjects in the series say, both art and science are a way of understanding the world and what it is to be human.

In CONFLUENCE we’ll meet an exciting array of people at the peak of their creative powers, borrowing liberally from both the arts and technology to invent new ways of being, from a theoretical physicist who leads a jazz combo to artists using the cutting edge of AI technology as a new creative palette. Filled with sumptuous visuals and compelling personalities, CONFLUENCE will leave audiences dazzled, enlightened, and entertained.

Premieres on and your local PBS station on July 12, 2024! Learn about the episodes.

Confluence will premiere on PBS Passport ( on July 12, with local public television stations running it thereafter. Check local listings after July 12!

You can also watch it in the following ways:
  • If you are a teacher with access to Kanopy Streaming, you can find the series there.
  • If you have library access to Kanopy, you can watch there.